About Susan

Susan gave up her job as a makeup artist 10 years ago to pursue her passion for art, since then she hasn’t looked back! “I feel so lucky that I’m doing something that I love. I get pleasure seeing peoples reactions to my Art, it’s so lovely to be painting something that effects people emotionally.”
Susan has been sketching and painting for as long as she can remember in fact ever since she could pick up a pencil. She believes she must have driven the teachers up the wall with her doodles all over the text books! She was obsessed. She left school to earn a wage so she is self taught.
She loves to use her imagination when she paints, so she never knows what the painting will look like when it’s finished as the picture keeps on changing and evolving as she sees different things to add and paint. She feels very lucky that her imagination has never left her, even when she’s just out walking in the woods or in old buildings and visiting ruins, her heads busy painting a scene of what might have been.
Susan is a prolific artist, she paints almost anything, with 100’s of different artworks she is now concentrating on gallery work and one subject. She has two books out one is called “Dreams of Art, the other is “Fairy relaxing colouring book. Susan started off with doodling characters, so creating the colouring book was a nice way for her to sit back and doodle little stories, and “Dreams of Art” is all about her journey into the Art world. You can buy these from eBay also direct from Susan. Her work is evolving and getting more popular, she has built this from  years of exhibiting her work and on social media.

I have always had a passionate love of art and have developed my style over many years. My primary subject matter is concerned with transformation. Drawing on my love for combining traditional techniques, surrealism and innovative new ways of expressing myself.

The primate paintings are my love for the old masters. I feel the primates are perfect for this. I can immerse them into any surrounding and they adapt very well. With the primates they have fingers and expression, which I find easy to place into the famous master art painting’s. I’ve always had an interest in history and admired the old artists like ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, ‘ Jean Francis’, ‘Sohie Anderson,’ and ‘Hans Holbein”, to name but a few.

I have an agent in America who promotes my Art to companies. My work is sold worldwide.

The determination to communicate through my art is central and a driving force in my life and it is a continual joy for me to see the satisfaction and pleasure my clients derive from my work.

Susan’s work has been in magazines and featured in the local paper, she has also been interviewed on radio and television. She has had very successful exhibitions in Norwich, Brighton, Canterbury and Glastonbury. 

 You can keep updated here or on Facebook SueClyneArtist. 
Susan’s work sells internationally in private collections and galleries.
I hope you enjoy my website.