About my achievements, travels and passion.

About me About me

After giving up my Job as a make-up artist over 10 years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a full time artist, I haven’t looked back! My plan was to paint enough artwork to send to an agent.

I found one of the biggest agencies in America, I sent them 6 images of my art. They got back to me saying they would like to give me a contract – woohoo!.

To cut a long story short, I now have over 40 contracts with different companies. One being ‘Fine Art America’, also puzzle companies which have exclusive art. My work is sold worldwide online and in retail shops and wholesale.

There’s nothing I love more than knowing my Art is out there worldwide to share.

I have two books out

  • ‘Dreams of Art’ which has over 90 images of my art and my story.
  • Also ‘Fairy relaxing colouring book’ which is for sale here in the shop, also online stores.

I’ve had very successful exhibitions in Norwich forum, also Brighton, Glastonbury, and Art Fair East to name a few. I also take part in the ‘open studio’ event.

I have demonstrated and spoken about my art in a local public art group. I’ve been featured in the local newspaper, and National magazines and TV.

The most popular Art with my agent is the ‘Native Indian’ after many travels to America visiting the reservations, I can’t help but be inspired, and with a vivid imagination I can visualize the history. All this stays with me for when I return with a head full of paintings.

My master art painting’s featuring primates are proven very popular. I think painting these bring out my sense of humor. I’ve always loved the old masters, the unique beautiful fashions and the stories they tell in that time.

I’m so lucky I have the same imagination as I did when I was a child.

My website will be updated with new art, so make sure you pop by and have a look, and if you would like to ask me anything, please contact me…

Lots of love Sue xxx